Hi team, I'm a new member

Hi team, my name is Carlos from Mozambique. I’ve always wanted to try Forex for a long time but never got the courage. In the last couple of weeks I started watching many YouTube videos and they made me want to learn more about Forex. For me this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life

Ah yes, the infamous YouTube videos. Trader Nick and Etienne are worth watching for their honest and helpful hints to improve our skills.

I just don’t watch any where people are boasting how much money they made, it doesn’t reflect the reality of forex trading and can only be made by getting lucky gambling at high risk.

So beware.

You have started with the correct thing. YouTube videos help a lot and give direction to basic trading knowledge. You learn step by step in the correct order. But make sure to start practicing your learning on the demo account as well. Do no dive in to Live trading directly.

Mistakes are common in forex trading. Just learn from your mistake and avoid repeating same mistake twice.