Hi to all!

Hey I’m new to Forex traiding and I’ve been searching for information on Forex trading… then I hit a jackpot when I found this site. Very informative and helpful.

Greetings 4xnewbie22 and welcome to BabyPips.com! Glad to hear that you find the site informative and helpful, and hope to hear more about you soon. Good luck with the School of Pipsology and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Thank you very much… I just finished School of Pipsology. I really appreciate the information i learned from your site. I just started forex last September by a dummy account and a 100US$ no deposit bonus. My account has been up and down with more than 100 trades which was very frustrating… but I am determine to succeed in this. I temporarily stop trading and focus on finishing the School of Pipsology. I’ve realized my mistakes and now I have the knowledge to correct them, hopefully :).
Now I need to make my traiding plan… and stick with it. Thanks.