Hi Welcome to Me

My name is Maaz, im interested in trading and investing so hopefully in the future i will be able to swim in different waters. Not only my 9-5 job but things like marketing, business, investment and other things. It makes life much more interesting. Thats pretty much it, the fact that you can make that shmoney while doing something you enjoy is a bonus. So yeah. Wish me luck. Whoevers reading this, maybe ill meet you one day or youll see my name on forbes. Nah just kidding.

…and it’s also a fact that you can lose that shmoney while doing something you enjoy, until you learn how to become proficient. A minimum eight months of dedicated hard work. This is great site to start you on your free journey to success.

best of luck.

I like to meet new traders because they have interesting stories about why they decided to trade and why they came here. All of us have different things to share that can be of great help to others. This is the beauty of this platform and that’s how it must be taken.