Hi, Y’all I’m new to this!

Hi y’all I’m new to this program and looking forward to learning all about it!

Welcome! Learn all you can from School of Piposolgy and ask any questions in the forum

Welcome to the community, @Chandler_Fryar. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

With forex, remember learning takes time, patience, and dedication. Get ready to devote your attention and time to learning the concepts, jargons, technical indicators, and analysis, and believe me, you’ll be making profits in no time.

It’s great to have you here. Just clear your mind and when you are in the market, your only focus must be on great trades and that’s it. From learning to practising your trading strategies on the demo account, there is so much that you would have to do to become a profitable trader.

Hello and welcome to this forum. You can get started with the babypips course here, just visit the Education section of the website. Good luck.