Hi ya’ll, I would like to introduce myself

Hello guys, am prince from Ghana west Africa. I actually don’t know how to start it but I was introduced to babypips on TikTok yeah, I love watching TikTok. I was there one day watching live videos on TikTok and I got stuck on a video, the guy was teaching forex trading and I asked myself, what is this forex trading this guy was talking about. From that day I started digging into it, searching on the internet how to get access to this fx thing until one day when I was watching a video on YouTube, the guy gave me this website that I will find all my answers here! This is my story guy’s

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Hello and Welcome!

As a newbie you’re in the right place to start your learning away from all the fake hype and from very basic. Check out - The School of Pipsology

It’s a completely FREE and complete course. Also check the various sections of the forum there’s a lot of knowledge shares here over the years.

Good Luck!

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Hi and welcome Prince! Thanks for sharing your story! Hope you’re enjoying your stay here and learning so much from all the free materials.