Hi Ya'll! First time FOREX trader here

What’s up my good people. I’m new to the whole FOREX market so this is all a first for me. I don’t know much at all. I’m looking to learn and master a new skill, something I can always use independently. I come from the more creative side as far as profession goes, so trading is another arena for me. I’m looking forward to learning anything I need to improve myself.

Good vibes

Welcome here and go the education section of this forum and start learning forex trading.

So you have a plan in place? There are no short cuts to success, and your creative journey will be as tough as climbing Mount Everest with a 50 kilo backpack on your shoulders.

That’s the reality, not social media marketing hype…

Welcome! I’m sure you will enjoy and learn so much here. There are lots of free trading materials and experienced traders to help you on your trading journey.

Good luck!