Hi y'all! I'm new here with a strong believe that I am going to be the best in the world of trading

My name is Ekuyik Udah Etim am from Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state Uyo. I am intermediate level in Forex trading. I am hoping to get more equipped with the knowledge of trading Forex and make much money and push my dreams.

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hello and welcome but being humble is good too :sunglasses: :+1:

what’s your dreams :eyes:

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To give helping hands to the needed especially the local communities

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I feel that, my city right now is in the process of slowly but surely being gentrified were I grew up and I want to stop that at all cost. So I will need Capital that’s why I’m here too.

have you finished basic level of trading as like pre school level ? if not , go through the school level minimum for 2-3 times , you will be knowledgeable of course.

Welcome to the community! I hope you achieve your dreams with forex trading.

nothing wrong having the drive to be the best and succeed :+1:t5: