Hi ya'll newbie from new jersey and ready to start!

Hello everyone, my name is Jaylin and im new to the forex community . I am from north new jersey where I go to school at Newark vocational. decided to make a change and try new things so I can be set for life and the near future.

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Hello Jaylin! Welcome to the community. I hope you find yourself at home, welcomed with open arms, and ready for a fun learning experience.

Forex trading can be your online earning source. You a laptop with internet connection to get access into the market. Then you have to learn the art of trading. Most Importantly you need an online forex broker to trade with.

If you want to become a good and successful trader in this market, you have to handle the losses properly.A good plan or strategy can help you top handle the losses perfectly.

Hello and welcome to babypips! Since you are here, I am expecting that you already know that you will have to learn and practice forex trading to make profits.