Pls help me out. Am a total newbie. I don’t know anything about forex. Pls where do I start from?

hi same here…dont give up…:34: im trying to learn also

Go through the educational material on this site.
Use the internet to study strategies and demo trade whichever ones appeal to you.

You’ll need to formulate you’re own unique style of trading based on your personality, and capital/time restraints.
90% of what you’ll ever need to know/learn about trading can. be researched for free on the web.

Just use common sense and listen to your gut.
Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire.

Trading isn’t easy - anyone who discounts trading from the get-go, you should be cautious of.
Nothing is guaranteed.
The journey to becoming successful must be traveled on your own.

You’ll learn also about yourself as a trader and as a human being.
There’s a reason why attrition is huge for newer traders. Don’t become another statistic, manage you risk properly and learn about effective leverage before you place a single live trade.

Trading can be very taxing emotionally if you are not prepared. Study up on meditation and how to center yourself. Approach the markets with as much of a neutral mindset as you can.

Learn how profitable traders trade and seek to mimick aspects of their strategy.
Trading is a business, not a game or gambling. From the onset, avoid slang and unprofessional terminology such as “prize” and “double down”.

The learning curve is steep and unrelenting, but in trading, the biggest enemy and prohibiting factor will be yourself. You need to conquer yourself and own your thoughts before you can become truly profitable.

Once you see the way, you’ll start to relate every aspect of life to trading.
Embrace that passion, and don’t rely on anyone else but yourself to make analyses.
Your trading will reflect who you are as a person. Be the person you want to be 3 years from now, every single day.

Be the hero of your own action movie.

[QUOTE=“Jim Carney;623224”]Help is coming soon![/QUOTE]

How so?

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