Hidden Divergence help

[B]Hey all

i want to be more professional in hidden divergence strategy i work on frame H4 with stochastic oscillator with

only 50 pips profit but some times price opposite my trade 60 pips so am i right in this chart or need to learn

hope u help me out to find best entry in hidden divergence[/B]


Hi midoo,

You should not have a fixed pip amount of stoploss if you want to be a divergence trader. Different H4 charts will need different stoplosses. The best entry is usually as soon as the divergence is formed, but you might come up with a own strategy for your entry.

And you do definitly need to learn more, as you titeled your post as hidden divergence, and the immage shows a regular bearish divergence. See Regular Divergence for more help.

Good luck! :23: