Hidden Secrets Of Forex


  1. There is always a risk in Forex. That’s the truth. There’s a risk in anything.
    Gambles go to casinos & Forex traders go towards online trading. Anybody that tells you, it’s a 100% Guarantee, is lying! Before you begin trading, make sure you put in some time and effort into studying the market + careful analysis. Any gamble is fun, except when you lose.

  2. DON’T & I repeat DON’T ever put real money into a Forex account before
    trading on a demo account.
    The reason over 85% of newbie’s fail in the Forex market is due to quickly investing in a get rich quick Forex scheme. Make sure you get a demo account, play around with it, and perfect your skills upon it. Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything. So why not give it a try first? I guarantee you’ll be better off if you go with a demo account first

  3. Never ever risk over 3% of the total trading account size. Ever!
    Remember the guy that said never say never… he was wrong. I can confidently say, Never ever risk over 3% of the total trading account size. This is a key in separating the
    Successful traders from the unsuccessful ones. I know its fun to put in more money, try to
    make more; become rich… everyone loves that stuff. It’s not worth it. You may win a
    few trades here and there. But overall, you WILL lose.