Hie everyone

I am new not only to this site but to Forex trading. I live in UK but originates from Zimbabwe in Central Africa. I am 39 in March’13 and a mother of three. I work 9-5 and have a second job doing nights as a support worker because the money is not enough. I was reflecting on my life and wondered how much longer can my body sustain such a life.

Four weeks ago, I attended a 2-hour forex trading seminar and at the end it they were asking for £13000+ for one to be properly trained. However they said they had a special rate of £2500+ if i had signed up on the day - obviously i couldn’t do that ?

How much have you guys paid before you started trading re: training fees ?

Anyway the one thing i got from the trading seminar was information about School of Pipsology by one of the 69 year old attendees - i will forever be grateful.

Any tips for starters ?