High 2 Long formation


I’m studying Al Brooks - Reading price charts bar by bar right now. On the way I’ve found High 2 long pattern, but no matter how hard I search for it in Google, I can not find clear description on how it works…

Could anybody describe it to me, please?

I hadn’t heard of this pattern either but Google shows an excerpt from his “Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader”. He seems to suggest “high 2” is found from an ABC pattern, and is simply a breach of the high made at B. I think its just poor drafting, nobody else calls it this and it isn’t really a high. Just refer to the ABC pattern for clarity.

PS: ABC pattern is called 123 pattern by some people. Same thing.

typical Brooke - the content is excellent and truly useful, but sometimes it’s expressed so confusingly that it’s a real struggle to understand it

What’s this actually? I am not clear; is this any name of chart pattern or anything like that?