High risk high gain crypto tokens for 2024

I have been busy first quarter 0f 2024 choosing a number of low value coins that I expect to have a possibility of doing a 100X. Only one of them needs to achieve that goal. They are listed below. Except the ETH and SOL, which are used as donor currencies from which to buy the small caps.



It would be interesting to see the accompanying mcap of these coins. You could then revisit are various intervals to see how that changes over time along with price.

Nice work. Thanks for sharing this @Mondeoman!

I had so much hope for cat coins, very underwhelming in the end.

Future data field capture is market ranking which is a proxy for MCAP, and needs only 4 digits to record :slight_smile:

Good idea. Would be great if you could grab that dynamically right into the spreadsheet. Have you thought about using a crypto portfolio tracker? Some are nice because you can build lists within, or multiple portfolios under one account. Coinmarketcap is good. It’s free. It’s the best site for coin metrics in my opinion, along with CoinGecko.

Hi, I have historically used Coingecko and still use it to track my main portfolio. I decided in Jan24 to use Coinmarketcap to track the shootcoins, and keep that separate from my main portfolio tracking. The only difference between 2023 and 2024 is my recent use of a Phantom wallet in which to contain limited SOL tokens because my meme coin sniping trial is limited only to SOL network meme coins.

Given some more time, I will look into API connectivity to other services (eg market cap or ranking), but for now it is something I can do manually. I now control nearly 40 shootcoins, but only reconcile them to coinmarketcap once a week. Of the 40 shootcoins, 5 of them have doubled and one of them has done a 4X. In keeping with the plan, every time a shootcoin doubles I sell half of its holding back to USDT or SOL, and reinvest in more shootcoins.