Hii Guys quick question

Do I need a laptop to start trading or I can just carry it all out with my phone

if you are very busy i think you can continue trading by a mobile phone . but according to me any laptop or PC is really appropriate for start trading .

ae you a part time trader or full time ?

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i prefer laptop for using trading in a proper way.

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To educate yourself and execute trades all you need is a device with internet capabilities and the correct software/broker to allow you to enter the market. Learning on your phone has no issue whatsoever, I did most of this course when I was a child with only a phone. However, when you want to really sit down and research what you are about to invest in/trade a bigger screen is certainly helpful. Some websites don’t optimise the display or some features for mobile phones so you may encounter some issues along the way. In my opinion, the most important tool you have is your drive, you’ll make it work if you want it enough.

You can do trading from your phone, but it is better to do it from your laptop. But before that, you need to have an understanding of the market. Are you new to trading?

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Use a laptop at least.

Ok thanks…yes I am u just joined two days ago…I haven’t completed the course yet