Hii ya'll Iam Boitumelo

Hii ya’ll

I’m new to the community and I’m hoping for better outcomes. I’m not a begginer trader but I’m still not at a level where I find myself making consistant profit. I started trading because i want to be my own boss and also financially free.

Welcome to the best community of traders. You took a good decision to join forex and you can be your own boss here and can make a good profit with your investment.

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Welcome aboard. Now you have learnt the reality of FX trading. Perhaps you could tell us what prevents you from making a consistent profit?

Usually it revolves around tinkering with strategy, risk/money management, and emotional control, plus trading on a small account where there is little leeway to progress.

As a helpful suggestion, in our current economic environment trend trading on the Daily and 4hr chart has been profitable for me over the last four months. A 200SMA buying above and selling below is long term profitable.

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Thanks Steve.

I’ve also been trying to figure out what prevets me from being a consistent and profitable trade for the past two to three years now, but hopefully I get to the bottom of it after the course

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