HLHB Tweaks and Tests

Hi All,
Just recently I’ve found out about HLHB system and it looked gorgeous in its simplicity.
So I’ve wrote an EA yesterday to just touch base and after few (hundred) backtesting / optimization rounds I came up with slight twist.
Below are key differences between current EA parameters and original HLHB:

  1. Trades are kept through the weekend - due to lazy coding
  2. Trades are NOT closed on opposite signal - due to lazy coding
  3. Take Profit (8x) and Stop Loss (2x) are calculated as multiplier of current ATR instead of fixed pips. It is amazing how having take profit improves the profitability. - multipliers selected based on backtesting / optimization
  4. EMAs are slightly faster = 4 EMA and 9 EMA - based on backtesting / optimization
  5. ADX threshold = 10 - based on backtesting / optimization
  6. 2% risk per trade - personal preference, for small account it should get away with 5% :slight_smile:

Below testing results (apologies for polish version of MetaTrader :slight_smile: )

It looks like HLHB gives best results only on EURUSD and even with over-optimized parameters other pairs just can’t catch up (If anyone would be interested I can followup with testing other pairs)

Things to check:

  1. Can fixed pips give better results than ATR (for Stop Loss / Trail / Take Profit)
  2. Can we “bet” more to get more? After winning trade we can take % of profit and add it to risked 2%. This way we increase position (profit potential) while still having the same protection of original account. Basically idea is that, if you take money from the house, you can risk it and in the long run it should make profitable systems more profitable :slight_smile:
  3. Will additional trade filter improve the outcome? Ie. additional, slower MA to pick only BUY/SELL etc.

Can’t wait to put money in this machine

@Huck Thank you for this system, ideas and your posts :slight_smile:

All comments and feedback are more than welcome!

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hello where is the ea? do you use it?

I wrote it recently and use it for testing so far.
I would not use it with live money at this stage. However, I can share if you want to play around on demo.

yes ı want to test do you have telegram?

If a system works for you, go ahead with it. A single system doesn’t have to fit everyone’s requirements just like one size doesn’t fit all. Look for a way that works for you and can help you become successful in what you are doing. Keep up with your knowledge and you can do anything.

This can make a lot of difference.
I am using both hard SL and TP strategies and stop and reverse strategies.
A “soft” exit helps to avoid noise and crazy spreads.