Hold, Don't Hold!

Hello Piplovers and Generators,
Are you been told this or you just realised that little things that are overlooked in forex trading can be disastrous.

Though many of the new emerging fx traders now are self taught, so they don’t have the Experience of the Smart money (professional traders) passed on to them.
In this write-up, I’ll share my experience with you which you’ll have probably notice before but ignore.
Successful traders sure have qualities and they can be learnt if you study them well.

The Power of Holding and Not Holding Mostly newbie traders experience this in the market. We tend to Cut our Profit Short and leave our Loss to run deep enough into our equity till we get a Margin Call or Stop, which I think is a sad thing. We can avoid this by doing the inverse..... Cutting loses short and Letting Winning trades run.

And we always let the losing trades run base on hope not probability foreseen.
I hope you find this helpful.

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Fair statement.

I would say that no one should get a margin call if they are using proper risk management, including percentage based position sizing, Stop losses, maximum risk limits and minimising correlation risk.

Do these things and a Margin call will just be something you read about on forums…

I want to say that you should always manage risk in trading. If you don’t manage risk, you will have to deal with a lot of problems with trading. Money management and risk management are an important part of trading. Trading has to be done by combining risk management with good strategy.

Never undermine the importance of risk management in trading.