Holiday Trading

Hey All,

Been looking at USD/CHF very closely. I just put in a limit order to go long at .9510 with a stop at .9400. Looking at the charts and looking at recent news it appear that this pair is still looking very bearish but their has to be a limit. .9463 is the lowest this has been since October. Some analyst see this pair to the upside at parity by the beginning of the year. Any thoughts?

I agree that it looks bearish.
I expect a near term bouce from the levels you cited, but likely then a continuation of the downward trend, especialy if the low of 0.9461 is broken.

next target is the 0.90 and potentially lower.

and by the way, I am trading BTC/USD (bitcoins) which is rising and I can trade well even in the holidays

(you find out more on wikipedia)

Today the pair spiked up 150+ pips. Grabbed some profits and waiting for the rebound. I still feel like this pair is a good buy but I feel that with the low volume it will fall. I am just glad I got some early profits. Looking to get back in when the charts tell me to. As for it falling past .9400 I find that it may not happen especially with the dollar rally going on. Any thoughts?

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USDCHF breaked H4 support and it’s going down… Looking for a retest of .88 level.

I’m so into it!

“On the trading day prior to holidays, stocks advance with disproportionate frequency and show high mean returns averaging nine to fourteen times the mean return for the remaining days of the year.” in The Journal of Finance, Vol. 45, No. 5.

Check that: Holidays

This pair has a tendency especially lately to break a support,
then make a new low, next bounce up to appx area of old broken support to then face rejection again.

I’m just watching how doing this usd in respect to usdchf.