Holy Grail or beginners luck

I�ve started trading about two months ago with a demo account out of curiosity. I looked at many system and somehow I invented my own system which seems to work 100%. I tried the system with my demo account for 30 days I made money every day. Looking at the historic data only 1 out of 80 trades my system was losing money (very small amount).
Last week I have open a real account with �100 deposit. I tried system live with my own money for 5 days and it worked perfectly every day. I made �170. I am very baffled by all this now. Do you think I found Holy Grail or this is just beginners luck?


You are the wholly grail, thats what I believe. we look for it but its in our selfs :slight_smile:
Thats a grate start, just make sure you stick to the money management and don’t get too conceded and end up loosing all your account in one trade by over leveraging(speaking from experience)
one more tip don’t add money to the account, if you are that good the account Will grow it self :wink:
good luck, and consider sharing your system with all of us here :smiley:

Oh yes please goran01 share it with us :slight_smile:

Can you please post more info about your system?

It’s impossible to say without knowing about your risk versus reward on the trades, how much you risk per trade etc.

79 winners out of 80 seems quite good though. Even if you’re doing well I suggest that you study forex and trading to get a good understanding of how it all works. Just a word of caution - try to resist fiddling with your system for fiddling’s sake. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Btw - are you a fellow Scandinavian?