Honest opinion about ICMarkets and Trading212 and the broker of your preference

Hello, I’m in a situation…

I’ve been with a demo account on ICMarkets and Trading212, and I would like to open a real account with a broker but I don’t know which one is better, I would like to read your opinions and experience about both brokers, with the experience, withdrawals, any problem that could happen to you or if your prefer another broker… personally I like both because of the minimum deposit required, I’ve seen that ICMarkets allows to do scalping while trading212 is not allowed (your trade needs to be open at least 5 minutes) and something impressive that I’ve seen is about the spread… as a personal experience with both demo accounts… trading212 generally has slower spreads than ICMarket even though ICMarkets has “Truce ECN Account”…

But in real life which one do you prefer? (with least scams or slippages or transfer problems or any personal situation that happened to you…)

Thank you! :smiley:

From the things I’ve read IC Markets has a good reputation, but unless you’re in Australia, I wouldn’t bother, know nothing about Trading 212.

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Yeah im in the same problem too, but i think ill go with trading 212 because of their platform its so much easier to use

What do you mean by “slower spreads” for trading212?
Im a new user too and I have been using Trading212 for about 2-3 weeks but only on mobile (i tend to be on the go a lot more, even when at home!). I haven’t utilised the starting and technical tools yet.

From my experience it seems user-friendly for a first timer. It’s got some news feed and even some videos. The only downsize I’ve come across with is that, lately, the charts have not been available in sporadic occasions, so I couldn’t tell which way the market was going for a minute or 2!

I’ve had horrible experience with them . they burned me . True ECN is a big lie . They are simply market maker . I lost thousands of dollars and now I’m in process of my complaint. Check FPA , you will see lots of evidences and stories from other traders. If you register with their SC , you will even have less chance getting your money back!