Honorary Member Q&A: hellogoodbye

[B]hellogoodbye a.k.a Wade Cowell[/B]

###1. Okay, I’ve always wondered about this- what’s with Scooby? Are you a dog-lover? If so, do you own one?

Honestly, I don’t remember why I chose Scooby. I think at some point on this forum someone had mentioned Shaggy or had a Shaggy picture and I got Scooby as a joke and have just never changed it. As for being a dog lover, sort of. I’m allergic to dogs, but I do own one and he’s the best dog ever (sorry to anyone else that has a dog).

###2. How did you get into forex trading? What’s the story behind the name “Hellogoodbye”? Is it connected in any way to forex trading?

One of my good friend’s dad trades stocks for a living and he’s filthy rich. He got me into trading stocks but I never really cared for it so I didn’t bother to learn how to trade, which was a mistake. I traded stocks with fake money as most do with forex for practice. I ended up buying a few blue chip stocks just for something to hold on to throughout life. I then went to college and my roommate traded forex and had shown me the possibilities which got me hooked.

As for the name, it’s just something I’ve had for a while and I’m not sure where it came from. I guess you could say it relates to my first forex account because “Hello first live forex account, Goodbye money” haha.

###3. Are you quirky? If so, what are your quirks?

I’m sure I have quirks, but I don’t recognize them.

###4. What do you think is the one thing about you that everyone (in the forums) should know by now?

I’m goofy and extremely sarcastic at times. So, if something doesn’t sound right, it’s probably meant to be a joke.

###5. Tell us something that the community doesn’t know about you that you think will surprise us.

Though I rarely act like it, I’m actually a member on MENSA. (I think they misplaced my results with somebody else’s.)

Oh, if you haven’t caught on yet, I’m extremely sarcastic and joke a lot! Does this surprise anyone?

###6. What is your pet peeve?

Ignorance and arrogance.

I’m ok with people not knowing something; I’m not ok with people acting like they know everything while knowing nothing about anything. However, I do not like when people don’t bother to learn something on their own and rather expect the answers handed over on a silver (or gold if they’re extra fancy) platter. (Questions are fine; just don’t expect the answers to everything). I especially do not like when people think they’re better than everyone else. Unless you’re number 1 in the world at whatever you do, which is highly unlikely, there is no need to be arrogant. If you happen to be number 1 at something then fine, be arrogant, you deserve it.

###7. Which session do you trade? Any preference?

I prefer London and NY because of volatility.

###8. What draws you into forex? (That one thing that you love most about it.)

The possibilities and the challenge of trying to master it.

###9. Do you have any sayings you live by or follow when it comes to trading? What is it?

Not really any specific saying, just basic rules that I follow. I can convert them into sayings if you’d like!

  • Don’t trade the Asian session because it just isn’t worth it.
  • Unless you plan on losing money keep risk to 2% or less, preferably 1%.
  • Depending on how simple you prefer things:
    ** Keep It Super Simple
    **(and for the slightly more complex)
    ** Keep It Simple Stupid

###10. If forex was a character or celebrity, who would it be and why?

I think I’d have to say George Soros simply because it’s full of money and isn’t give me any!

###11. I’m not sure if you’re aware of my 3 most interesting forum types, I’m very much curious. Which one do you fall under?

I tHinK I’D haVe tO sAy i’M ThE gArBLe sImPLy BecAUsE i EnJoY tYPinG wHiLe wEArInG boXINg GlOVes. If you’re unsure as to why I enjoy typing with boxing gloves on I suggest you try it. Only then will you understand.

Enjoyed the read - Did you not go back to your mates dad and ask him to help you again?

Nope, I got into trading the Forex though I have thought about learning stocks again but I’d rather stick with Forex for now and maybe learn to trade stocks in the future. I think trying to learn both at one time would just be too much and I’d rather focus on Forex for now being that I have more experience with it.

if he is mega rich would you not want to follow in his footsteps ? lol… As you are one of the more experienced on here I did try and send you a private message but didnt have permission. Just have a couple of systems I would like to show you that I have been demo trading for a year and wanted your advice. Any way I can do this if you have time? Cheers J

Well, I’m currently learning ICT’s methods (found on this forum) and they are working very well for me live. At this point I am making good monthly gains in terms of %, but that could change (hopefully not lol). If I continue on this track then the only thing keeping me from making a lot of money like my friend’s father is my capital, but if these gains continue then it’s only a matter of time before my account compounds into something nice.

If I just went right to trading stocks I’d be setting myself back. And, I’d still have the same capital, so it’s not like I’d be making more just by trading stocks. It takes money to make money.

As for the systems, sure I’ve got plenty of time to look at them, I love looking at new systems :p. You may want others to look at them too, I’m not the most sr. or experienced member on this forum. Another thing you may want to consider is just posting your system on the forum (unless you want it kept private then you probably shouldn’t lol). This way, everyone could review it and give you advice.

Oh I have done the whole compounding advice as well as the others including phychology etc so yeah i understand that.

Bit confused on the whole ICT method so never went forward with it.

Im not for sharing with many people just yet but have my reasons for that.

Ill message you

Nice Joke HelloGoodbye…i Laugh while reading your post…Good one :59:

Hello Goodbye is a great Beatles song! Oh and nice interview, I wish someone would teach me Fx, rather than finding it all myself like everything else.