Honorary Member Q&A: Mr. Gone

[B]Mr. Gone[/B]

###1. Tell us little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do full-time? What are your hobbies?

To start with, I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. My hobbies, well, kinda tricky on that one, I don’t watch TV and read a lot. I also do some videos to load it up to YouTube. Also I play Airsoft (a sport very similar to Paintball for those who don’t know). Also I am a professional singer with no place to act but still looking for. The point is, if I am frustrated with one activity, I have more where I can still rely on as a form of relax. And finally I have a daily job, I am an Electric Engineer and I work at the Electric Company.

###2. When/why did you start trading forex? What resources did you use to learn how to trade (websites, books, apps, mentors, etc.)?

I started back in 2009. I cannot remember exactly what I was buying but some guy posted “Make money with currencies,” I bought the course and the rest is history. Lost 500 USD in a few weeks. Inside the course later on I’ve discovered a PDF version of Babypips, I’ve read it and started to do thing a little more properly.

###3. What do your friends and family think about you trading currencies?

In consensus they all think it is a stupid thing, “You are going to lose all, only the people who owns the info…” bla bla bla and some say “It cannot be that hard, it is just buy and wait…” Most of time I prefer to say “let’s change the topic”. Oh my favorite when people say “why don’t you get a real job?” I just wanna scream sometimes.

###4. Describe your trading methods and how they differ from when you first started trading.

Well, how it differs from the beginning? Quite simple, today I risk no more than 1%, today I have more capital invested on, today I am subscribed to an STP broker but they could not be honest about it, today I just make more effort on taking loses less personally.

My method it is quite simple, when I am starting to think like an economist is when I must get out and take a vacation cuz I don’t believe in all that economic theory. I search the same data as most people do but I try to outsmart them, I put in the place of people looking at the same data as I do, the moment I start thinking “GDP is up so price will be up”, then is when is star failing out. Basically you might see data but I seek for imperfections and beg the herd is not taking notice of it yet.

###5. Do you trade full time? If you do, what made you decide to focus all your efforts to trading? If you don’t, what do you think is necessary to reach that full-time status?

I am more a swing trader but I can spend weeks diggin in before a new trade idea comes out, for me the analysis is part of trading, not just the act of right click and buy.

What is necessary for it is more capital and more endurance, which at the moment I don’t have much of both.

###6. Describe your current daily or weekly trading routine. What do you do before, during, and after a trade?

Besides my work I have no routine, I work under the premise that someone is watching and I try to remain unpredictable, it is a premise but it can or cannot be true, I am not a paranoid nor a conspiracy believer but still, being unpredictable seems to work.

###7. What are some of your most unforgettable trades and trading moments?

Right the weeks when Thatcher died and North Korea tested nukes, the best trade so far. Also another good trade I had was when Lagarde said “UK economy will collapse”, and I went long on GBP, my second best trade so far.

###8. Name three traders (he/she doesn’t have to be famous) who have inspired you to continue trading currencies. Why are they helpful?

Anton Kreil is the only one I can remember. Quite easy, he is the only one I kind of heard who does not look like a Trading Industry Salesman.

###9. Forex trading is not an easy business. What motivates you to continue trading when in a trading slump?

Oh, that one, yeah, uuuuuhhhh, what motivates me is just the fact that there is a very and reduced chance to have success, if so I can say to everyone “In your Face”. So I call it the IYF motto.

###10. Do you have any advice for trading newbies out there?

Don’t believe in anything that trading industry tells you to do, forget all economic theories it is all crap, forget what you have learned in school (except basic math), forget what mama told you, failing is the only way to prosper, forget about your winning rate if you have more than 40% (when 20% is hard), if you have that rating big, in that case you are doing something wrong.