Hope in trading

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and i wanted to ask about hope in your day trading.

When i talk about hope, i’m talking about when you’re about to enter into a trade and are saying to yourself “the price will brakeout of this key level and make new highs” or vice versa. Or sometimes the price is in your favour and you decide to increase your Target Proft before it decides to go down/up and hits your Stop Loss. But you’re not actually look into the price action that the chart is presenting. How do you just focus on what the price is telling you instead of what i mentioned? Maybe it’s not even hope and something completely different? Any information would help.

I’d say i’m advanced in the knowledge of price action and other things as i’ve been learning for the past 4-5 months straight. And lately i’ve been on a huge losing streak so hopefully i can change that soon. (demo account for now)