Hope to find a good mentor to guide me

hi there i am here to start learning forex to sustain my dialy expenses

Your best bet is to do just that. This site’s free education courses will teach you to trade forex properly and proficiently. Prepare yourself for a long haul, though, as it’s hard work, so take your time.

Best of luck.

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Hmmm. :thinking: Looking for a mentor can be a bit tricky and sketchy. :open_mouth: I suggest you try to learn on your own for now and eventually see if you really need a mentor. :open_mouth: If there’s any confusion somewhere, I mean, we can try to help. :open_mouth:

If you’re depending on forex trading to maintain your daily expenses, you’re in for a rude shock my friend. Firstly, you’ll have to spend a year or so in learning and practicing the strategies first with the school of pipsology and secondly with a demo account of a trusted broker. Once you’re through, trust me, it’ll take you a lot of time to have consistent profits.

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I agree with you completely. I don’t mean that working with a mentor is wrong or won’t get you any good results. But when you have the option of learning yourself and saving money, I don’t think you should look for a mentor. Babypips is always open for traders to ask out queries and get them answered by experienced traders.

That’s true in a way. But everyone has a different capability of learning and understanding things. If you think that you do better under the guidance of a mentor, you must go ahead.

Yes, right! We are just typing to help save some money. Talking about the learning, there are so many ways like books, videos, and seminars that anyone can go through. I think getting your queries answered by many professional traders is far better than just one. I have gone through the same situation but after I joined babypips, I never really faced the need for a mentor. While trading with my brokers (fxtm and turnkeyforex), whenever I need any help, I post it here and get so many relevant ways to do it.