Hoping for some insights

Hi all,
for many years I have been considering trying to get into Forex. After having quit my job and relocated for my husband´s job I find myself with a lot of empty time on my hands (nothing much around here that is looking for my specialities…) my husband is pushing me in this direction. I guess he is afraid I might get bored and end up spending too much money shopping.

My brother-in-law believes I could be good at it :thinking:

My nephew has tried to give me a crash course (ok, we sat at it for about 2 hours :laughing:) and then sent me the link to this website.

Now the kids are back at school again (for now full time) and I find myself with some free time, so I figure, why not? Let´s see if I finally get that aha feeling and light bulb moment and understand what it´s all about, or will I be too bullish for this.

Looking forward to gaining some knowledge and insights all around Forex Trading.

Welcome. Yes you can but you need to give a lot of time learning. Remember trading is for skilled people. If you are not enough skilled you will lose money. Learn technical analysis and trading psychology. When I started no one told that 90% is trading psychology. 10% is technical knowledge.

Awww. :blush: Welcoooome! :smiley: I think it’s super nice that the people around you are very very supportive. :blush: There’s so much to forex, and it would definitely need a lot more than a crash course but I’m sure that since you have enough time on your hands, you’ll get to know more about it soon! :blush: Good luuuuck! :smiley: I’ll be cheering for you. :smiley:

Hello and welcome Sparky_Newbie. You’ve landed at the right place to start learning. Start your journey here Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - BabyPips.com. All the best

It is not that difficult but it requires constant hard work and devotion. You will have to spend a lot of time learning and understanding how the stock market works.Keep reading more and more about trading in order for you to be able to use that knowledge later.

Forex trading is a good option if you are ready to learn and have money and time to invest.

Imo anyone with a dedicated learning approach can be successful in trading.

I have recently started making consistent profits with my account. I want to quit my job and trade Forex full-time. I just want to know how much more time I should take before leaving my job.

Hello to everyone my traders!

Hello. You have found yourself to be at the right place for it. Check out some free courses at the School of Pipsology and you can start learning.