Hours of Education?

Even though I have been signed up for a while I am just now starting the School and have a question to help my planning. How many hours (average will do) is the School?

I studied through it all over a three day weekend. Maybe 10-15 hours?

Keep in mind the school is just the beginning. The education truly never ends.

That is exactly what I was looking for. I need to plan my day(s) and want to make time for this.

… and yes I realize that the education is a journey, not a destination.


the school is relatively easy to get through. A couple hours and you’ll have it all read. However, to actually understand it and put it into practice is much different.

Expect 6 good months of practice before you really understand how each component works.

Thanks Virtecs. I was actually looking for a timeframe so I could plan. Based on what I have read so far in School (mostly rehash for me) I wanted to be sure to set aside some time to actually study what I am reading. I don’t in any way expect to read and get it on the first read. I expect to have to study to grasp the concepts prior to and as I begin to demo trade.

Education is a journey, not a destination!