How are you guys holding up during these times?

I would love to know how are you guys coping up your times during this pandemic time.
Please stay safe and always wash your hands.

Hi, I just working on new strategies, now is the time. when all this is over I will be ready to trade in new conditions :slight_smile: Regards Greg

I trade for a living so work-wise normal day in the office, but miss the pub lol


I am bored (but have been bored since I gave up work 3 years ago.)

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I alternate between anxiety and numbness. I had trouble dealing with the changes for some time, now I’ve largely accepted them.


@ProfesorPips Yea, that sounds really cool. Hope trading will be in favor for you, Greg.
@Lang15 I know, I really missed going out at the moment.
@tommor Oh no, is everything okay for work related? I hope things will go smoothly for you
@mlawson71 Oh no, that is not good. Do you have someone to keep you busy? I truly hope it will get away soon.

I’m happy I gave up work but not happy that I wasn’t ready to do so. As I have said sometimes before -
being “retired” is twice as good as having a cr@p job, but its only half as good as having a good job.


It does make sense, but I do hope you will have a great future soon.
Well, I think if it is your dream job, then you would be happy. I think that is what matters to me.

I am keeping busy with family but I am also constantly worried about them. :frowning:

We all are. Stay strong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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More white and gray hairs, and more allergies, as I’m spending so much more time outside in the yard, staring off into whatever. My appreciation for life and current financial status is much stronger than before. It’s not something I really thought about before.

Thank you. You too.

Ha, I started graying before I hit 30. It runs in my family, I guess.

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