How BTC ETF event will unfold?

Will Bitcoin go :rocket: to the moon ? Not at all!

How ETF works?
Some traders buy the unit sold by other traders.

Who will be Buyer :point_right: Retail Individuals

Who will be seller :point_right: BlackRock & Institutional investors.

Why they will not allow BTC to fly?
1% Bitcoin pump is 1% loss to Seller. Will Blackrock bear such loss?
Not at all!
They will not let $BTC to fly
But they will dump it hard through heavy selling pressure.

Realistic Bitcoin Forecast suggests that it will see appreciation around 20 to 30%.
However, #Altcoins will be beneficiaries due to absence of selling pressure.

From what price? Is it end of Dec 2023 or now at about $46k?

What happens if the order book is short of sell orders in the next couple days? I think ETF buyers, at least the large ones, have this in mind and will wait a bit.

Or, if several ETFs are approved, maybe it’s a none issue. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

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Seems like they have pumped it before BTC ETF approval.

An interesting thing to watch on the Tradingview platform is TOTAL2. It’s the crypto total market cap excluding BTC. Since the spot ETFs launched, it’s up almost 8%.

All alts minus BTC and ETH market cap is up 5%. Rotation to alts it seems.

Total crypto market cap is up close to 1% since launch. It was up almost 10%.

Bitcoin is down 12.5% from the peak after the launch.

Looks like ETH might be the new play.

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Nice sharing of TOTAL2.
Untill now ETH is on uptrend. However, it has broken up-trendline on 4hr chart. It may b a sign of reversal.

That could be short term profit taking. ETH jumped almost 16% in the 3 days following the BTC ETF launch. If you look at the daily on the day of the launch, you can see the bounce.

Yep and then promptly sold off :woozy_face: