How can Brokers provide the best service for Traders

Hello Everyone

I wanted to use this opportunity to connect with traders so as to understand what traders look for in a broker and how brokers can provide a better service to traders.

If you have had any good or bad experience with a broker, please feel free to share so that we can learn from your experiences.

How do you go about selecting a broker ?

Im not sure if folks on here doing marketing are seen in a positive light

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Speaking vaguely, I’d say that there are a lot of things to be considered, although some traders have different needs than others. I would consider available account types and the minimum to open them, available leverage, trading instruments (do they have a good variety? Crypto?), easy to reach customer support, all applicable fees (spreads, commission, withdrawal fees, or hidden charges like account maintenance or inactivity fees), available funding methods and the timeframe it takes to receive withdrawals. Some people also look at bonuses and educational resources, but I don’t personally care much about that.

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I agree with all of these. :blush: But the number one consideration for me is just how easy it is to deposit and withdraw money from my account. :sweat_smile: I haven’t really had any problems with my brokers on this so far, and that’s despite me being in the PH. :smiley: So it’s great! :blush:

@tallestablishment94 I think most traders would look for certain things like regulations, tight spreads, low commission, fast withdrawal processing, and reliable customer care. I mean I checked the same features when started trading with fxview. Secondly, you have asked about the experience, then it has been good so far. Which broker are you trading with?


Speaking of bonuses I did see I think was it Oanda, offering a $500 sign up bonus if you open a $500 account. It sounds good but also… :thinking:


Always makes me wonder…I don’t see any broker just giving out money for free. There’s got to be a catch somewhere.

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Varianse for cTrader, they got good spreads, customer support, im happy there : )

Right??? I wonder what it could be. You know what, I should ask here…

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For me, just be transparent enough with who is regulating you and you should be in the business for long, not a new broker. These were the first things I considered before choosing forexchief, they had the links of the agencies regulating and licensing them so one can easily verify. And they have been in the market for over 8 years, which was really a plus for me.

Make sure they are regulated, this is one of the best way to guarantee they are legit. After which you can look for other important factors, but in my case while choosing forexchief regulation and knowing who was regulating them was the first thing for me. Finding out that they are regulated and licensed by VFSC and FMA respectively was a huge plus, I would recommend them anyone.

Regulated - Leverage - Tight fixed spreads

Like TD365

large bonus usually comes in the form of margin bonus. They are used for opening more trade, usually those bonuses arent withdrawable, only the profits you make can be withdrew so they definitely doesnt give out money for free.

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broker provided a huge bonus for those who opened new accounts in forex. and then traders make profits and withdrawal their profit and the broker charge for brokerage.

Prefer using a set of parameters like, reviews, deposit/withdrawals conditions/charges, and customer support service. I chose Fxview as my broker considering the above parameters, and it’s been a good experience with them so far.