How can get back my money from scam broker

I started trading with this broker for 6 months. When I make a good profit they blocked my account without any reason. I profit 500 dollars >my account manager did not pick my phone. I mail to the support but they could not reply to me.
What can I do now

Stop trading with them and don’t send them any more money.

Is there a regulator they are authorised by? Contact them.
Write by letter to the Chief Executive.
You might need to get a lawyer to write to them.
Are they in your own country? Maybe your elected Member of Parliament etc. can help you.
If you believe its not a real company, you can contact the companies registration department of the government. Maybe they can take action.
Maybe your government has laws on advertising and marketing which the company has broken and a department which regulates the media.
Maybe the government or the police have anti-fraud and anti-money laundering departments which might be interested.
You might need to forget the profits but just try to get your deposit back.
If you made your deposit through a credit card etc. contact the credit card company. You might even be protected by the credit card company if the broker was a scam.
Make sure whatever financial account details the broker has of yours are secure - change passwords and PIN numbers if necessary.

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