How Can I Detect Side Market Using Indicatros in my Programm?

I am Python programmer and was doing FX trading once a while, recently ( after pandemic and lost of Work from Home), I decided to automate my strategy,

I am using EMAs ( exponential moving average) and MACD,

It works well, but it looses money in the side market, Any advice how can i detect side market ( range market) using any indicator?

I am good to disclose the strategy, it is very simple.

I tried to use ADX but wasn’t helpful,

please don’t blame because EMAs are very simple and garbage :slight_smile:.

I am looking to see how can I detect range market using indicators :slight_smile:

Look into building a ROC (Rate of Change) indicator. That can help you detect trending vs. range.

For a quick and dirty check, you can also take a measure of how wide your upper and lower second standard deviation Bollinger bands are from each other. Tight bands = range. Wide or widening bands = trend.


Hi, check also ATR . Regards Greg