How can I find a low commission broker for a European trader?

For a European trader, where can I find a low commission broker?

Try out TD365. No commission, fixed spreads.

Hi - I was looking around and recently opened an account with VARIANSE - FCA regulated as well as off shore licenses and have good trading conditions and commissions… will keep this thread updated with my progress :slight_smile:

Check Turnkeyforex, both spreads and commissions are low.

You may check the thread that I created in here: List of best regulated brokers

What sort of conditions are you getting then?

In this case I’d recommend CedarFX because of their 0 commission account. Minimum deposit is $10 and spreads are pretty good. Of course, you should check their website out if you’re interested to make sure leverage and everything is up to your standards.

B Book model with fixed spread doesn’t equate to ‘low commissions’ - and their model is counter retail.

I’ve tried XTB, IG and Varianse for my trading needs and so far - no complaints. Low cost trading with good execution which is the main thing!

I’ve an account with TurnkeyForex and I find their $1 per lot commission cost quite reasonable. Besides, the spreads are also low.