How can I find These Values inorder to find resistance and support levels

How can I find these values;
Yearly highs & lows for both this year and last year.
Monthly highs & lows for both this month and month.
Weekly highs & lows for both this week and last week.

what i do is at look at the chart and zoom out so i can see the whole time period that I’m looking for. Then it’s easy to spot the highs and lows.

(i am sure there is a site which tell you the numbers but the above should work for now)

I use charts just for that reason.

I pick the pair, the type of chart, and then the time scale. Then I click view, periods, and then enter 1000. This does work well and is easy to use. You will need java.


I use the marketivia platform. What value would i take for the high and low for this year, month, week and day. Taking cognizance of the fact that the aforementioned period has not ended.

I haven’t found that indicator yet. Can you attach it because I have been doing it manually also? :wink:

hi hobbit,

I use Metadtrader too if you could attach that i would be very grateful. thx

that’s great hobbit, thx. what’s your email address?