How can I maintain my high leveraged broker while moving to the US?

Hello everyone
I would be moving to the US and I want to maintain my high leveraged broker how can I do that without being penalized?
Please share you lr opinions.

Your question implies that you already have a high-leverage broker. Ask your broker whether you will be able to maintain your account after you move to the U.S.

If your broker says, ‘No, your account will have to close’, then you have only 2 choices:

(1) Open an account with one of the OFFSHORE BROKERS that will accept U.S. residents as clients.

(2) Settle for 50:1 maximum allowable leverage from one of the 5 U.S. forex brokers.


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But do you think my broker would know if I trade from off of United States?

leverage is the financial tool which contains huge risk than others, before using it we should know how to manage risk.

You should ask him personally I think cause the first flaw in that system it would be you anyway with your broker, correct ? So something should be really done in that matter. All else simply goes after and that’s basically it. Can we do that ?