How can i recover my money from UFX?

Is there any kind of trust left to a company called UFX? I wonder how it is a regulated and licensed while they are a complete scam and they just steal people’s money . Any suggestions how to recover my money from this scam company?

What happened?

I have read many stories like mine. I didn’t know anything about Forex and when i saw an ad for UFX i signed up as a matter of curisoty. Then , they called me and asked me to deposite money and someone would guide me and give me instructions to open and close trade and i kept adding money until i reached 20000 Dollars . I had no experince so i was following the instructions of the company agent who was calling me. Now, i believe they are the worst compay and i would do everything to get my money back.

Why can’t you withdraw.?

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Always take the time to research a company your giving money to.

there is ufx that is in england and maybe regulated by the EU and maybe aimed at traders from EU and other G7 countries
and there UFX GLOBAL that is located in an fare away island and aimed at traders from third world countries
but regardless of the legal status
keep showing how scam they are they will loose more in bad publicity than the 20000 dollars they took from you
they must know that traders are citizens of the country called internet
I am thinking about creating a website where such sad stories can be publish and help the other competing brokers get the upper hand
we might be resident of a third world country but we also got plenty of money to invest in forex
In the other hand if you lost money because you are a bad trader then you can only blame yourself

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From FPA:

The FPA now considers UFX Markets to be a scam. This company is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We recommend against opening accounts there. If you have an account there, we recommend withdrawing all of your funds immediately.

Hope you’ll get your money back!

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Beware of these “funds recovery” firms, many of these are scams as well

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you even didn’t write the website of the broker to avoid confusion here, as I searched and found this - Where Trading Makes Sense. #1 CFD Online Trading Broker looks like its a CySec regulated. Why not email them and asking for the withdrawal of your fund to your bank?
Contact Us -
in the abve link, use the withdrawal in the email options. If they don’t send back your funds, then you need to get a solicitor.

Good luck

It never stops does it. Everything ■■■■■■■ thing is a scam nowadays. Even the damn news. I don’t know where this all ends to be honest. If it ever does.

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Hey, lately I hear a lot of Scamconsulting SCC, registered in UK. The firm supposedly helping former traders to recover from their losses/frauds made on the accounts.
As by myself being victimized by a scam broker I keep looking for a legit assistance and ability to get back at least part of my stolen money.

If anyone here had dealt with them for real and will spit the light and REAL testimonials, will highly appreciate it.

ahmedmeedoo you can contact with us, we help clients who have problems with brokers.

I cannot add a link to our website here because I do not want to break the rules of this forum.

Hey guys.
Great news! At the end of January I’ve signed up with Scamconsulting SCC. Last week got my first transaction. Ahead of me the rest of the claimed amount and probably will be delays due COVID19, but at least something!

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Wow, you’re lucky one, man)

Can you show some proof?

Sorry to disappoint you but there is no way to recover your lost money. If you will keep looking for ways to recover your money, chances are that you will end up facing another scam. So, it would be great if you focus on improving your strategy instead of trying to recover your money.