How can I track trades and my P&L across different brokers?

Does anyone know of a platform that allows me to keep track of trades across different platforms but also management introduction and removal of capital?
I basically want a P&L system without having to run everything on a spreadsheet which is agony.
Any ideas welcome?!?!

Not sure if MyFXBook might be something like what you want.


I guess that’s not a bad way to do it, thanks

Hey dude, have you been able to find the platform you have been looking for? If No, I think i know exactly what you are looking for.

Nope, not yet - ideas welcome!

Oh, this is certainly a difficult moment, because it is almost impossible to keep it under control, try not to work with a large number of orders at once, so as not to complicate your life. I wish you good luck in your work.

If any of you find at least some tool to simplify this moment, I’ll be eternally grateful.
Because it really takes a lot of time. It’s hard…

Still, I think that today, most traders use Excel…

Doesn’t MyFXBook allow for exactly that? Failing hat do it manually in an Excel sheet.

Try myfxbook. I have not personally tried it as I use only one broker, but I guess it will come to your rescue.