How can one consistently make money in the stock market using secret strategies?

To make more than just a little additional money, consider investing in the stock market. Investing even a small amount of money in the stock market might pave the way to a multimillion-dollar payoff if you take the appropriate approach and have the necessary skills. Making a million dollars in the stock market doesn’t happen immediately, and it’s not an easy undertaking.

The stock market is a great place to make money, and I’ll share some insider tips and recommendations for the best broker to help you grow your money below.

1. Investing 101: New Highs for Hot Stocks

Keep hot stocks in mind as you begin your stock market journey. Invest in stocks that are currently on the rise and plan to hold onto them until they reach new heights by doing your homework or consulting with analysts and consultants like Stacy Marie Filkins, who can help you identify trends and strategies. Avoid anticipating stock market stocks.

2. you can both buy and short-sell.

Certain individuals hold the view that a prosperous financial climate can only be achieved during a bull market. No, that’s not how it works. You can’t just ignore short selling. You don’t have to hold on to a stock for a long period to earn a profit. Just look at the success some day traders have; they are the epitome of gaining off of short selling.

3. Avoid lingering losses by swiftly cutting your losses

Don’t bring your ego into the market if you want to succeed. Cut your losses and move on quickly if you experience a setback. Focus on what you can accomplish going forward rather than what you couldn’t. You should expect to fail and make preparations to do so.

4. Formulate a strategy

Finding a skilled Stock Broker is your greatest bet for short- and long-term success in the stock market.

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Hmmm… I still prefer forex trading.

I’m thinking most people here would say the same.


I find stocks too random. CEO’s wife falls of a horse, hits her head and stock goes down 5%


Tell me about it. I used to trade company shares but it was just too frustrating and volatile Stuff that I have seen includes -
CEO arrested for fraud
CFO committed suicide day before results due out
CEO criticises quality of own product
CEO of competitor company makes some casual remark
Take-over bid in same sector on another stock market abandoned

[give me strength]


Haha. Yes. Totally agree

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CEO tweets something :joy:

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Or smokes a joint during a radio interview…


I think I also prefer forex over stocks. :sweat_smile: I agree with what the others say and I think it’s just too random, I’d probably lose my mind. :sweat_smile:

if forex using stock’s mechanism and rules ,everybody can profit,that’s what makes forex extremely hard.

If you use a secret strategy then surely you’ll lose your money since, here you need to follow the market direction & institutional players mostly move the market!