How children pronounce the word "FOREX"!

Hi guys I am henry. Im totally new in forex or trading or whatever name you call it. Heard about it from a friend who claims here we can make huge money with a pro knowledge. So a newborn comes before you to be spoonfed and grow eventually. Im really very excited. strong text

Give it ten years.

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You’re here to develop a skill that may one day make you money. Level your expectations and get stuck into the learning. Good luck!

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Welcome to the community, Henry. Yes you can earn huge money but you can also lose huge money. Get busy with the education section here. Focus on acquiring foundational knowledge you will need for trading.

Welcoooome. :stuck_out_tongue: I think there wouldn’t be any spoonfeeding cause you can learn about forex at your own pace if you check the school here. :smiley: It helps you with the basics to get you started, and then eventually, you can branch out to other resources like YT vids. :smiley: I agree with what the others have said. It will def take a lot of time and effort before you can make huge money (or any money at all!!!) so I hope you’re determined to get there. :blush: Good luuuuck!

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I got a feeling your names PETER !!!:laughing::flushed:

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This is insane, I did not know trading is that complicated. But I already started my research and studies on the school of pipsology. Thank you for your kind words.

Yeah now I think It will take that much time.

Hardcore Henry, Im something of a superhero myself​:wink::wink:

Im actually on my journey already, This world is very exciting and I am determined to be a pro, no matter how much time I spend learning. Thanks btw​:blush::blush:

Thankyou @zianfx for your suggestion. I am working on it.

It’s complicated.if you.make. It complicated

Good day Henry! Forex is an abbreviation for foreign exchange, which is the exchange of currencies. Trading can be forex, or also stocks, crytpo, etc. That is the main difference.

As with any vocation that has the potential to pay handsomely, learning to practice it takes time and years of study. Same as law, medicine or anything else. It is the mistake that so many newcomers make - thinking they can waltz into a $6tn a day market and pull something out with no prior knowledge or study.

Even with a pro knowledge it’s the mindset of trading that evades people with a good grasp of Technicals.
Taking loses even when you’ve applied all your rules properly that’s the real holy grail of trading