How did you discover forex?

I discovered forex through money making forums, how about you guys?

A good friend turned me on to it.

He thought I wouldn’t like it.

I love it.


same here all thanks to one of mine very good friend and i just can�t thank to him enough but once i reach(IF I REACH)the wealth i will do my best to pay him back.

all the best to you guys

My trading career started with trading stocks.

My favourite internet forum also had a section on Forex trading. For a long time, I did not pay any attention to it because learning about stock trading was already enough work.

After some time, when my mid/long-term stock trading strategy was written down and worked, I started reading the articles there, just out of curiosity. And somehow, all of it sounded very interesting …

Ah, and I discovered Babypips because somebody posted a link to it with the comment: ‘Read this urgently. A brilliant site about Forex trading’

Thanks for the wonderful comment grxlwpf!

I found about the Forex through Dr. Pipslow. He taught me not to be over confident and not to be greedy. I wanted too much bling and he helped control my urges to overtrads haha. Thanks to him I am now one smooth trading cat :slight_smile:

something strange , i found forex from an autosurf site. and i know babypips from a forex chat channel.

i used to use autosurfs to try to make money from google adsense, but they caught on lol.

good posts guys.:slight_smile:

yeah great thread bro;)

have a good one

Checking the exchange rates for vacation and seeing an FXCM ad - start of a fun and time-consuming journey!

got into after buying one of those HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS SITTING ON YOUR BUTT ALL DAY trading coarses…The guy wanted 6000 grand up front to teach me…anyway been in demo trading for 2 weeks, and love it…I hope i could do this for a livin one day…ANYONE have any good training or forums i can learn in. made a grand the first demo week…then lost it all the second…thought i had it figured out for a second


a scammer intro me forex claiming u can make 1mill in our hour…
haha… now i ought to thank him.

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Then I found a free demo and doubled my money.

I thought “this is too good to be true”. So, I searched the web for knowledge. I’ve been learning what I did right and what else to do. Apparrently, trading GBP/USD during a 15 year high is the right thing to do.

Now to do it again with real money…

I wanted to open a restuarant but didn’t have enough capital so I was looking for ways to invest money; either in investment instruments or in smaller businesses to generate more income.

I live in Japan and exchange companies are popular. I thought, “Maybe I could open an exhange business.” But I have no idea how they manage their money since they offer rates above the bank but below FOREX. I was google-ing the topic when I found an Ad for FXCM and I started researching it. A couple months later I opened a live account.

It’s a blast!

I first heard about Forex on one of those scam Infomercials. I actually showed up to the seminar that was near the airport, but had to leave half way so I wouldn’t disrupt everyone by laughing so hard. I couldn’t believe the claims that were being made. It’s too bad that there is so much corruption with this incredible market with endless possibilities.

I kept hearing about it for many months, but I was really unsure about all of it. Mainly because after looking at what I know now to be a candle stick chart, I was confused and had no idea what I was looking at…at first I thought it would be like trying to learn a new language or something.

So I was skeptical. There was intimadation.

Meanwhile, Internet Marketing endeavors was moving as slow as molasses…

Talked to my dad, he mentioned Forex, my eyes widened…and I asked him to elaborate more…

And Now I’ve been reading, studying, and demoing the past few weeks now…

And loving it’