How Did Your Broker Do For You?

Wednesday was one of the most volatile trading days in the FX market for USD/JPY in years. Through it all GFT provided traders with consistent spreads of 3 pips or less, executed all market orders requested, and executed all stops and limits which were due to be filled.

My broker is FXsolutions and I had no issues and had the same decent spreads as always.

Well seeing as how I use GFT I think you all did do pretty good.

Someone told me that GFT are the type of broker that take the opposite side to your trade.In effect they underwrite the position which means it may not be in their interest for you to be profitable.Other brokers make their money solely on the difference between the bid and offer?

That my be true but it does not mean it is not in there best intrest for you to make money. That means they offset your trde. and collect the spread weither you make or loose money they are on the other side and will break even on every trade you make plus the spread. I dont think there is any broker that wants there customers to loose or they will loose the customer and thats just not good for buisnes. I dont know how that works but for a company to stay in buisness I doubt they want to loose all there customers because they lost there money. And if what you say is true then I must be there best customer then lol

if you’re worried about brokers taking the other side of your trades, try out an ecn like fxopen or dukascopy.

My broker is Sunbirdfx and I have been doing just fine…