How different is forex trading and stock trading?

I’m familiar with stock trading. How diff is forex trading from stock trading?

My stock picks are totally technical based. Would the transition to forex trading be drastic? For eg. here’s my stock portfolio: - trendfollower’s Portfolio

it’s trend based. MA system.

Would Moving average work in forex too?

i find that currencies don’t trend well, unlike commodities and stocks.

if the trend following system doesn’t work, what does? most of my friends who are succesfful in forex trading do scalping. but staring at the screen everyday is not my style. i prefer swinging.

Go through to link : Forex vs. Stocks | Why Trade Forex? | Learn Forex Trading

Here is a good article about “Forex vs. Stocks”.

There is a way to avoid that sort of thing…

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The basics are the same, such as chart analysis etc, but you should have a different strategy.

In stock trading , you cant control the company that represents the stock. If there is bad management, you loose and you cant do anything besides taking the punch in the stomach.
On the other hand, in Forex, you can control your position and lead it to profit.

Scalping is impossible, in the strict terminology sense, in FOREX. There’s no accurate volume in FOREX since it is decentralized. Really, FOREX has the appearance on the surface as being any other market, but in reality it’s quite different and operates under completely different mechanics to stocks in terms of the retail traders perspective.

You have no more control over the direction and magnitude of FOREX movements than you do stocks. In fact, you have less. At least with stocks there is the possibility of having enough volume to move the market… you will never have this in FOREX.

Forex is tied to options that are traded on the cme and nymex. Accurate quoting of the underlying option is key data which may have to be paid for. Stocks are also heavily influenced by options.

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