How do I Grow my Trading Account

Is it Possible to Grow a 1000 Dollar account to 10,000 Dollar account in six months?

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yes; it’s possible

never let anyone tell you that anything’s “impossible”, in trading

my guess is that fewer than 1 in 1,000 people (and maybe even fewer than 1 in 10,000 people) who try to do this kind of thing ever actually manage it, and (even more importantly?) that in any case none of those who do manage it actually becomes a successful long-term trader able to make a living this way

that will be mostly because they’re people whose instinctive interests, orientation and emphases are on profit-maximization rather than on risk management, and that kind of approach and outlook are about as sure-fire a recipe for long-term failure as you can possibly have, in this business



Especially on demo accounts.

It’s the kind of thing people who win “trading competitions” do.

And people who are selling trading-related services.

They don’t show you their other 99 demo accounts on all of which they turned $1,000 into $0.

But the fact that one or two of them can do it, even with 1% of their accounts, means the answer is “Yes - it’s possible.”


and those very rare exceptions are newsworthy precisely because they’re rare exceptions, so those are the ones you might see very often discussed and publicized

“dog bites man” is not news; people want to read about “man bites dog” - especially in forums :wink:


Like flamingo has said, I’d say it’s also possible. :open_mouth: I haven’t met anyone who has actually done it though, and had real proof to show for it. :sweat_smile: I feel like, REALISTICALLY, this is something that maybe the experts or very experienced traders have done, but definitely not for someone who/s just starting out. :open_mouth: The six months alone might be just for learning the basics of forex trading and demo trading alongside it. :open_mouth:


I agree with what others have said, it is possible, but it’s definitely a challenging goal. How long have you been trading? Experience plays a big role when trying to grow an account like that. Also, do you have a specific trading strategy or approach in mind to make it happen?

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I believe it’s very possible. If $10 can be taken to $1000, then $1000 to $10000 should be easier.

Although, I haven’t started trading, but I’ve seen those who raised $10 to $1000. And that’s going to be a challenge I’ll do when I start trading.:blush:

Just like @flamingoproxy rightly said, “never let anyone tell you that anything’s “impossible”, in trading”