How do I use metatrader strategy tester to back test a system

I just wanted to know how I would use metatrader strategy tester to back test a new system. It’s a bit confusing for me since its a new concept for me, help would be gladly appreciated.

You need an Expert Advisor program…MT4 comes with a couple, otherwise you need to supply your own.

So with the strategy tester window open, you select the EA file, then you select the pair to test, the timeframe, and the date range. The you click start and let it run. When it finishes, the tabs at the bottom of the tester window allow you to view the results in various ways.

You can open the chart too when it finishes and it will show where trades where open & closed along with the conditions of any indicators used.

Then there’s optimization which is a bit complicated, but basically it allows you to specify a range of different settings and it’s supposed to figure out which is the best, but it can take a long time to run.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: