How do propp firms make money

Good day…soso I have a question, how do prop firms make money because they say they copy our trades on the live market…so if its so …why the unnecessary rules, because most prop firms ask you to make 100 percent in 30 days an we know that to excel In this game…you have to trade without pressure and even the ones that give you enough time to pass…have unnecessary rules to fustrate you and also I have been seeing alot of them pop up lately…cos to me it’s now more like they make more money from the subscription fees than the actual copy of trades because tbh only few traders are consistent…so passing the prop firms don’t even mean one is a good trader because of my EXPERIENCE with things i have seen…so so they really make money copying our trades because if they do…by now…MFF, ftmo and fidelcrest owners should be making billiojs a year and also the brokers they copy the live trades on will probably be complaining now because traders are making too much money for them

Bingo. The copy trading is an illusion.

More people fail than pass.
Plus the winners also lose when they get a funded account.
Out of the consistent winners they still get a monthly %.

yes agree. the result of copy trading is really for short term and its all about a Illusion, nothing without it.

yes the copy trading all about illusion .

Thank you guys for the replies…I really appreciate it

there are prop firms which have little % profit requirements with unlimited time to reach target.

as @tradeforex077 said, there is just a few % of people which are consistently profitable traders. It’s hard to find the small percentage of the 80 million who are interested in the forex market.