How do you cope with Toads?

Sorry for that word but the word “Toad” is used in Stoicism to refer with unpleasant humans; but in this case i won’t only be dealing with that.
Here’s it, all my life i’ve fought rejection, loneliness, anxiety, failures and some sorts of unpleasant situations that would ever happen to a man, there has always been no one there for me, but while i felt lost at a point of it all, i created a world for myself within where all i could see is I alone and became a Stoic inbetween. Most times i drink conc. liquor & smoke loud weed just to find me some relief.
Do you deal with sh!ts and what are the things you do or doing to find relief?

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I actively avoid negative people. I have become expert in finding polite ways to get away from them.

Applies to other things too, like TV breakfast news.


Whatever other people think of you is none of your business. Just ignore them.


People inspire you, or they drain you, so pick them wisely and don’t walk away from negative people … run :blush:


I live in a world where the majority are negative and walking away from them looks difficult, but i already made their negativity my strength. Thanks y’all for the kind response.

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Absolutely. I care less about them anyway - that’s the way of the Stoic

im a very polite and kind girl but with that people im like GFYSMF :yawning_face:

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why should we be polite 2 people who R not polite 2 us?

I am polite with everybody, though that might be the last time I ever speak with them.

I want to know that I behaved like a gentleman, even if they did not.


You are not obligated to be polite to people who are not polite to you, however, ask yourself this question: Do you truly want to lower yourself to their level ?

Try kindness, be course you can’t prevent other people’s bad behavior, but you can control your own reactions …


wow that was… now i can say im agree AF

hmmm yeah i can look at it from another point of view now. thanks to both of U @Mookmik @tommor :green_heart: :green_heart:

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