How do you count pips?

I’m pretty new to trading and I still can’t count pips so when I place my stop loss I place it around validated places of structure but that hasn’t really been working I usually get stopped out. I need to know how to count pips because I want to start utilizing the short and long position tools but I can’t count pips and I don’t know what any of the numbers on it mean. Can someone please explain these concepts to me or guide me to who or what can.

From our very own school!

i cant speak about currencies outside of the united states, as i am mostly familiar with united states currency… so this example will use US dollars terminology…

in US DOLLARS, what is a PENNY? it is 1%(0.01) of ONE DOLLAR.

a penny is one percent of one dollar.

what is a PIP? it is 1% of 1% of ONE DOLLAR.

a pip is one percent of a penny, it is 1% of 0.01, OR 0.0001

i like to say that a pip is a penny of a penny.

for some really weird reason, when you are trading JPY pairs, a pip is not 0.0001, but instead it is 0.01

also note that with different pairs, the profit that you will earn or lose is different for different pairs and the margin that is required to open the different pairs is different.

hope that helps.

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This is something that I also found quite confusing! :open_mouth: But you can definitely know more about this in the school :blush: Just to help you manage your risks also, you might want to try the pips value and position size calculators here so you gauge just how much money you’re putting in every position. :open_mouth:

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Go to the course. You will find all the basics there.

as a basic part of real trading i think demo is the best solution but traders dont believe the demo result.

Hi, check out the educational section of babypips. You can learn a lot from the educational section.

Just use the pip calculator to know the value on a trade. No need cracking up your head.

All in the basics in the course on the site.

Pip is basically the 4th decimal point of the quote price. For instance, EUR/USD= 1.7845, here pip is 4th number after the decimal, which is 5.

You bought EUR/USD @1.7845, hoping that in future the price will rise. Now, after some time, the quote price for EUR/USD touches 1.7848 and you close your trade. Now the value of pip changes from 5 to 8. You captured 3 pips.

All trading / charting platforms will offer you a tool that can be used to measure pips. In most cases it looks like a ruler. Read all the information provided by @arenaduoh and use this tool to clarify your doubts.