How do you get EMA's to show on MT4?

Hi everyone,

I’m groggy today and just don’t have the mental energy to search the forum for any instances of MetaTrader4 and EMA appearing together. (Do you know how many ways a person can write MetaTrader4? I’d fall over by the time I’m done.)

So anyway, here I am. I can’t figure out how to get EMA’s to appear on MT4. :confused:

How do you get EMA’s to show on MT4?

Aha! Got it. Awesome. Yeah, there are some things every once in awhile that when I read the Help section in MT4 I still just can’t figure it out :o

Thanks much!

Speaking of MT4, I am trying to delete a Fibo retracement from a chart but can’t.

Can someone enlighten me?



please i have been trying to plot the MACD trigger line together with MACD in MT4 nad i don’t seem to figure it out, i want to test a system that depends on their crossing, can someone help me out?

thanks for your time.