How do you get good at trading?

I have been scalping successfully for well over a year now, I’ve found a few things to be incredibly helpful:

1. Cut your losses early
If you’re going to scalp effectively, you’re gonna need very clear rules for exiting your trades and execute as flawlessly as possible. If my trade doesn’t run into profit within the first few minutes of entry, I know that my edge in the market is diminished since the best trades tend to work right away. Because of this, I close out losses very quickly.

2. Let your winners run
Seems obvious right, in reality it’s much harder to get consistent at. Scalping has much higher potential reward than other kinds of trading because you’re often using high leverage to get solid returns off of just a few pips. If you can find a consistent method for letting your winners run, the results can be incredible. I use a confluence of support/resistance, price action and moving averages as a signal to exit a winning trade. Find an exit strategy that works, backtest the hell out of it and go from there.

3. Be emotionally consistent
You have to be very accountable of yourself when scalping, you can take 5 losses in a row in a matter of 30 minutes and get caught in your head. Because of this, I’d say it’s the hardest way to trade. Get in tune with yourself before scalping, I made the mistake of jumping into the markets and not thinking about my psychology far too many times and have paid the price.

4. Keep spreadsheets of ALL of your trades
Record the entry time, exit time, percentage return, position size, how you felt about the trade, and insert screenshots. You can take screenshots on your computer and upload them to a free site called Screencast, this website will then give you a URL link of your screenshot that you can paste into your spreadsheet. Spreadsheets allow you to review your trades in an objective fashion to transform your trading. This has been an absolute game-changer for me.

5. Stick to only a few currency pairs or even just one
I personally only trade EURUSD with my system, that isn’t to say that my system won’t work on other currency pairs, it is first and foremost about not getting over-stimulated by having to trade several currency pairs.

Hope this helps! I know first-hand how difficult it can be to scalp the markets, but there are ways to do it effectively that all too often don’t get talked about.


Great one @Dry032 ^^ Thank you for sharing :beers::beers::beers:
But atm currencies are next to zero profit . I won’t bet my moneys on them . I look at at gbp usd . They own me 20k , and im willing to get them bk . I will , just waiting for the click. Do not forget Usd is the base currencie and cable is just fuking around . But when it falls, it falls bad . Then gbp will go bk because always fall right . Like a cat. Times are changing, trading is changing. Atm all sharks are on , to make moneys. Traders as me an you will be wiped out. When they decide to get out off us , no more love …reason play small, this is the time , risk less . Make some moneys. Notice: i spk just about my experience, i don’t give advice. I noticed everyone spks in very technical terms , but not about them real treading.

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John I am always keen on your helpful posts and I love your tradenephites site, but how do you make sense of this:

Seems to me that before finding a strategy that works and that you can stick to, you need to spend the time (months or years) to tweak. Isn’t the fact that it finally clicked for you a result of tweaking here and there? For what seemed like eternity?
I admit I am in the tweaking phase, and I hope it does not delay me too long but I stick to what works best so far… and on the side I keep tabs on paper of slightly different strategies for the same trades, like alternative ways to set SL or TP, or not setting TP at all etc.
Thanks for your experienced input.

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How long did it take you in years, blown accounts ect… to get to your trading mentality and discipline you have now.

I have had back to back mornings where I made $2500 scalping . I read somewhere we are traders NOT gamblers. After earlier this year taking my account over 10 Grand back down to less than $300 ( totally loss my MIND) … I can make 400 pips a day without scalping just need to be satisfied with my own strategy ( just like scalping… :skull:


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He wants to get good at “scalping”. How can you tell him to forget about scalping?

Scalping for fun , like one holidays at year and the rest you work t shr out. As a starter , do h4 h1 . Take your time. How our friend said. Market doesn’t go no where and the fun thing, the key is patience. We are hunting :sunglasses:

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By the way, scalping as is advertised everywhere on internet for beginners . In fact is for pro forex. But Newby will bite the 1 dollar million business

Ooohh i just find out after years off weed , a smoke is the best with some blueberries juice . Best day in my llifee All the market’s went in my favour :wink:

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Yes there does seem to be some contradiction there.

But as much playing around with different ideas should be done on demo along with backtesting.

The minute you move to real money for every dodgy trade, poor trade, wrong trade you start collecting emotional baggage - which is harder on you than any monetary loss

I was on the endless tweak for 8 yrs and would not have been necessary if Id find what worked for me prior to going live.

I agree that of course there are going to be some slight adjustments but they need to be kept to a minimum.

An alternative suggestion is to set up an account with small deposit and really not care if it loses - you can test to your heart’s content with real money in the full knowledge you will probably lose it, but later you can open a bigger one.

This might actually be better than demo - if you can afford it.

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Robbie Burns

The endless tweak is an interesting phase in a traders career.

Some get stuck in for decades - not realising what they are doing.

They can tell you all about how to trade, all about every aspect of technical analysis but cannot make money.

There is a book written by Gary Smith - How I trade for a living - one of my favorites - he tells his very painful story of how it took him 27 years to trade properly.

Pit bull by Buddy Schwartz (interviewed in Market Wizards) tells how it took him 9 years.

The problem with the holy Grail, is you actually think your being productive - when all your doing is constantly moving the goal posts.

All this can be avoided if we truly accept that losses are part of the game. Sure we have all accepted it on a theoretical level, but we haven’t on a deeper level.

We still think we can avoid losing, so we go searching for that system that never loses.

I think one of the biggest errors in this business is this myth that as beginners we can find a system with a 75% win rate.

While it’s possible it gives unrealistic expectations. Some of the best traders have a win rate of 30%

But that thought would terrify a newbie. Profitable traders though know on a deeper level that it’s not how many you win

Is about when you win how big you can make them.

Which brings me to the whole profit target thing, and this has been debated many times

If you are using profit targets at something as absurd as 2:1 you gonna need a very good win rate

If you let profits run and get out when the market tells you the move is over you will catch the bigger moves that mean you can have less of a win rate.

I am also one for disencouraging scalping - now I may be wrong here but - scalping forex probably doesn’t lend itself to larger r multiples because it is such a whippy market on the lower timeframes.

So traders use profit targets, but profit targets tend to mean you need a higher win rate - hence the endless tweak.

It’s all a vicious circle with only the broker the one making money.

There will always be exceptions to the rule, what I am saying is general to most people.


This is important and useful stuff. Thanks for taking the time.

How do you get good at trading?

  1. Make assumptions base on statistical data.
  2. Define your trading criteria well.
  3. Only trade in the direction of your bias.

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Absolutely :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:

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Great post, @Johnscott31

Because it clearly isn’t working? Failing over and over again but expecting different results is insanity. Plus he’s asking for advice.

What platform do you use to place a trade?

How do you get good at trading?

You need to unfuck your brain from all the bs that you read trough out the years, get rid of those high expectations and get rid of the dream that you will make a lot of money trading.

This is the hardest thing, where you throw the dream that you had for the last months or years away.

The reality in forex trading is very different of what most think,
99% if not 100% of the scalpers , daytraders, holygrailers are full of …
They will always share their strategy but wont ever share their account statements
But if they where really profitable they would share their account statements but they would never share their strategy.

This to say, aim for where your best chances are, trade longer timeframes, keep the size of trades small, forget what others are claiming on the internet.

Your psychology takes a big part in trading, and i realised that if i dont unfuck myself i have zero chances in becoming profitable.
Just one last note, forex his highly addictive and yes you guessed it, it usually translates in to scalping and daytrading. Took me some time to realize this.

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(Pats hooman’s head)

There there… purrhaps you try too hard? purrhaps you are trying to make it big in a short time?
Yes the mawwket is unpredictable and this is a difficult business (where 90 purrcent fail).

The positive aspect is all your troubles happened on demo. You did not take an actual loss so good on you! :heart_eyes_cat:

Take a break and enjoy your life outside trading to regain your composure. When you’re ready, review every trade you took on demo and see where you went right, where you went wrong, and where you can be better.

I wish you well, hooman! Don’t give up! Some kittens take 3 or 5 years to get to that “break” where they finally figure things out! Also, you are not alone! We in the babypips community are in dis together! Good luck! :smirk_cat:

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Please, you said you scalp. please help me with a few basic scalping strategies! i have failed at forging one for myself in a while, but hopefully if you share, maybe i can just follow.
my major attempts endup being fib swing trading strategies, but my intention was to scalp in the beginning.