How do you improve your trading habits?

We all know that consistent and effective habits are essential for long-term profitability. How do you guys actually go about improving your trading habits?

By doing it over again.

to improve trading skill is really a tough game , need a regular level of practice including a perfect discipline.

there is just only way which is consistency, that’s all.

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Improving trading habits begins with self-awareness and goal-setting. I focus on creating a structured trading plan, practicing discipline, and evaluating and adjusting my strategies. Being part of a supportive trading community keeps me motivated and accountable. :chart_with_upwards_trend::muscle:

Practice, practice, practice then practice some more. It helps to read classic support books too. My current read is Ray Dalio’s Principles

i try to learn and test new things and that is because of this forum
i am safe here and i think everyone want to help other people
now i spend time more on the market and i think it would be profit at the end because
also i dont spend a lot time on social media
also as we say: Яде като мечка, работи като буболечка
google give this translate to me i think it is good : You eat like a bear and work like a bug
so you have to work a lot to learn something and i am practicing really to be better trader

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learning is important , no way to deny. but any kind of learning can be useless if there is no regular level of practice.

You can go and read my previous topics. I used to be stressed and also I did not apply my strategies to my trades as well!
And right now my suggestion is to take a break if you think you are not disciplined!
Believe me, it would make a great change in your trading journal!
When you start your break, just do anything that you like. Then go and check what’s your problem! Correct it and get back to the game! That’s all.

Easily by losing!
You will not change your habits unless you lose something important because of that!
So just continue your habits until you make a loss and then, your habit will be changed.
P.S: Also write down your trades and evaluate yourself all the time so you can know your problems!
Best Luck/

It’s true that experiencing a loss can be a significant trigger for a change. It makes us reevaluate our trading habits and push us to make necessary adjustments.

Practice makes perfect! So dedicating time to practice trading regularly is really important. :+1:

Thanks for sharing your experience!

  1. Set clear goals and a solid trading plan that outlines your strategy and risk management
  2. Equipped yourself with more and more knowledge about trading
  3. If you lose or win, review your trades to identify patterns, strengths, and weaknesses.
  4. Seek a community with similar interest

I take lessons from my mistakes and don’t want to repeat those mistakes and it helps me out ultimately.